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New: Sortable Classes, Churn metrics and click-to-refresh

We have made big improvements to our quality analysis engine, and are rolling out the first of many new features it enables. First, by popular request, the Classes page now has sortable columns:

We now are tracking Churn metrics, or the number of times that each source file has changed in Git since it was created. Classes that are both complex and change frequently are particularly bug prone, so we wanted to surface this. This data is displayed on both the Classes list and Class detail pages:

With the speed improvements in our new analysis engine, we’re now able to provide a manual click-to-refresh button. This is currently limited to repos in private accounts (not OSS), but we plan to roll it out for all OSS repos (1,200+!) in the near future:

Finally, we have upgraded our parser to have better support for Ruby 1.9. We handled most Ruby 1.9 code fine previously, but there were some new and less common syntaxes that would trip us up. Most of those should be handled without issue now. We’ll keep an eye on this to make sure the new parser is running smooth.

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