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New: Dynamic badges for open source projects

Many Ruby open source projects use and love Code Climate, and for a long time they’ve been able to add a Code Climate badge to their READMEs:

This was great for letting contributors know the Code Climate metrics were available, but didn’t convey any project-specific information.

At the time, we didn’t have a single metric that represented the code quality for the entire project. Now that we give each project a GPA based on the quality in all of its classes and modules, we can do better with the badges. Here are the new badges:

If you have an open source project on Code Climate, please consider upgrading to the new badges. We provide the code in HTML, Markdown, Textile and RDOC to make it as easy as possible to add them to the README (for example, Paperclip’s).

The Badges page is accessed by clicking the badge in the header of any OSS page.

Fittingly, the new badges are themselves open source contributions. Thanks to Olivier Lacan and Nicholas Acker for producing the images (in both SVG and PNG). Olivier started a design project for more readable, consistent badges for open source projects and I hope other companies will migrate to the new badges as well.

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