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New: Optional Two-Factor Authentication

We care deeply about security at Code Climate, so today we’re happy to be rolling out optional two-factor authentication to all of our users.

Two-factor authentication improves the security of your account by making login depend on something you have (your phone) in addition to something you know (your password). We’re using Authy to implement this. They take care of sending SMS messages with tokens, and also have nice smartphone apps that can be used instead of SMS.

To enable two-factor authentication, you just need to provide your cell phone number and country code:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Once you’ve enabled it, after logging in with your email address and password as usual, you’ll be prompted to enter a current token:

Two-Factor Login

To enable two-factor authentication, visit your Profile page (by clicking your name in the upper-right corner) and then scroll down to the bottom:

Two-Factor Authentication Settings

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