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New: Per-repository permissions

Many top Ruby consultancies are using Code Climate for their client projects, and we’ve heard they’d love to give access to their client developers and stakeholders directly to login to Code Climate. There’s just one problem: Up until today there was no way to add someone to an account without giving them access to all the repositories. People had to resort to hacks like creating multiple Code Climate accounts, but that made administration a pain and billing more complicated.

Code Climate now supports the ability to configure access to repositories on a per-user basis within a single account. (This feature is available on the Company and Enterprise plans.) You can turn it on from the Users page in the Account Settings area:

Enabling per-repo permissions

Once enabled, you can configure access from a user’s Permissions page or the Manage Users page for the repository:

User permissions

Repo permissions

Note: Account Admins can access all repositories (in addition to making configuration and billing changes).

With the per-repo permissions feature, it’s even easier to raise the visibility of code quality across all of the collaborators on a project. We hope you’ll like it!

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