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Select who comments on your Pull Requests

Code Climate currently has a couple ways to integrate with Pull Requests on GitHub. You can elect to update the Pull Request “status” – which will turn green when Code Climate has finished its analysis – and/or you can elect to have a comment added to the Pull Request.

Previously, if you chose the latter, Code Climate automatically selected an eligible user to do the commenting. Understandably, customers asked for more control and we’re happy to provide that: you can now select the user who comments.

Select the user who comments on a PR

In order for Code Climate to post a comment as a user, the Code Climate user must be GitHub linked. Therefore, users who aren’t GitHub linked won’t appear in the list. If the user you want isn’t listed, first have the user GitHub link. Then you’ll be able to select them.

Enjoy the new feature. We’re doing more work to improve our Pull Request integration, so stay tuned.

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