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Improved Performance

One of our primary goals is exceptional performance. We expect all aspects of Code Climate – from our analysis to integrations to notifications – to run at breakneck speeds.

Starting a few weeks ago, we started to see slower than acceptable performance around two important areas:

  • Test coverage: Delays were occurring between when we received test coverage payloads and when we processed and displayed them.
  • GitHub pull requests: After a pull request was opened, too much time was passing before we analyzed the branch and applied our status update/comment.

We are happy to announce today that we’ve resolved these two issues. By adding a new server and making significant optimizations, we’ve been able to return these aspects of Code Climate to our expected level of performance. For both test coverage and pull requests, all Code Climate work should complete in minutes. If you are seeing otherwise, please let us know.

To those that experienced these delays: sorry for the trouble and thanks for sticking through them. We understand the importance that speed plays in a solid dev tool and we’ll continue pressing towards extremely high performance standards.

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