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Redesigned Branch Comparison Page

Every commit either improves or degrades the quality of your codebase. The key is to know which changes are positive versus negative, and that’s exactly what our branch comparison page is designed to help you do.

Today we’re excited to announce a complete redesign of this page that gives you a deeper and more actionable comparison. Most importantly: You can now see an exhaustive list of issues in the branch (along with their code), plus easily identify which issues are better or worse, brand new or resolved.

Issues versus Ratings

The page is now broken up into two tabs. The Issues tab is the focal point, showing you every issue in the branch.

Issues Tab

For each issue, we’ll show you detailed information, including:

  • Type: Exactly what the problem is (e.g. “very high overall complexity”).
  • Code: The lines of code causing the issue (if relevant).
  • Comparison: An indication of whether the issue has gotten better or worse in the branch. Alternatively, we’ll also flag which issues are brand new, plus show you issues that the branch actually resolves.
  • Documentation: Click the “book” icon for a description of the issue, plus feedback on how to address it.

Also, switch over to the page’s Ratings tab to see how the letter grades for each class, module, or file have changed. This gives you a different perspective of the branch, visualizing which overall areas of your codebase have changed, as well as which areas need the most work.

Ratings tab

Tip: Want to get hands on right away with our new branch comparison page? Check out this open source project.

Pull Request Integration

If you haven’t yet set up our GitHub pull request integration, now would be a great time. We’ll update each PR you open, linking it back to the matching branch comparison page. This shows you exactly how any given PR will affect your code quality.

If we can help you set up this integration, or if you have any questions or feedback about our redesigned branch comparison page, we’d love to hear from you.

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