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Improved PR Integration: Analysis Summaries

Today we’re excited to announce an important improvement to our GitHub pull request integration. After analyzing a PR branch, we’ll now post an analysis summary right into the PR’s status in GitHub.

PR Analysis Summary

This summary shows you an overview of what changed. Did existing issues get resolved? Did new issues get introduced? We’ll let you know. And if the summary suggests that further investigation is warranted, just click the status’ Details link to view our complete analysis of the PR branch.

For right now, all of our PR status updates will be green/passed. That said, stay tuned for more improvements to our PR integration down the road!

Tip: If your repository’s PR integration is currently configured to get our comment (instead of our status update), we highly recommend switching. Our status update will sit nicely alongside any other services that post to the PR (like those from your CI), so everything will be in one place for you to easily review. In addition, since we consider the status update the preferred configuration, we don’t plan to make any future changes to our PR comments. If you need help switching, see our help doc, or drop us a line and will switch it for you.

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