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Pass/Fail PRs Based on Analysis

One of the most effective ways to incorporate Code Climate into your team’s workflow is via our GitHub pull request integration. We’ll analyze each PR that you open, and update its status – right in the GitHub UI – based on what we find.

Today we’re excited to announce a significant improvement to how this integration works. After we analyze a PR, we will now fail it if we find one or more new quality, security, or style issues. If none are found, the PR gets a green-light from Code Climate!

Failed PR

We’ll analyze every PR you open, and give you direct feedback on the code’s overall health. Just like you wouldn’t merge a PR that was failed by your CI, you might not want to merge a PR that introduces a new quality, security, or style issue. We’ll give you all the information you need to make those types of decisions!

This change is only available to repositories on our new engines-based Platform. To use this new functionality, ensure that our PR integration is enabled on your project.

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