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Enabling Platform Analysis now Even Easier

We’ve improved the process for enabling the Code Climate Platform on a repository-by-repository basis.

On your repo’s Settings > Analysis tab you’ll now see a section titled “Want to try out the new Code Climate Platform?”. If the button is in the Enable Code Climate Platform state, the repo is running our original analysis, and you’ll need to click it to enable Platform analysis.


Clicking Enable Code Climate Platform opens our new Enable Engines page, which has everything you need to set up the repo for Platform analysis including:

  • information to help you decide which analysis is right for your repo,
  • a sample Engines-enabled codeclimate.yml file,
  • and the confirmation Enable Code Climate Platform for this repo button to explicitly switch the repo to our Platform analysis.

You can return the repository to the original analysis at any time by clicking the “Disable Code Climate Platform” button on the repo’s Settings > Analysis tab and reverting to a non-Engines enabled .codeclimate.yml file.

We think this will really help simplify setting up and keeping track of which of your repositories are running Platform analysis. If you have any feedback, or if we can help with anything at all, let us know.

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