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Easily Manage Engines and Checks

We’ve made it easier to identify and disable which Engine or check is emitting an issue, right from your analysis page. Now, if you are running an Engines analysis on our new Platform, individual issues will display an icon, which when clicked displays a dropdown with options to disable either the Engine or the specific check that emitted the issue, for all files in the repo:

Disable Dropdown

Selecting the first option will reveal a modal that explains how to disable that Engine:

Disable Engine

If you don’t want to disable the entire Engine, you can just disable that specific check by choosing the “Disable this check” option, which will reveal an explanatory modal:

Disable Check

These new features give you more control over what Code Climate analyzes in your project. If you haven’t yet tried our new Engines-based Platform and would like to check it out, follow these steps.

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