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Improved React/JSX Support in ESLint Engine Analysis

Great news for anyone analyzing EcmaScript or JavaScript code. We’ve souped up our ESLint Engine, particularly in respect to support for projects using JSX and React.

Syntax Highlighting for JSX

The first of these improvements is syntax highlighting for JSX files. We now highlight JSX syntax in code views and when displaying issues.

React ESLint Plugin and Babel Packages

Our second improvement is to bundle the Babel Parser and the eslint-plugn-react package into the ESLint Engine, in order to provide better analysis results for JSX code. To use these, you can modify your .eslintrc file to include

parser: "babel-eslint"

plugins: ["react"]

Projects with these packages already configured will see them utilized automatically.

Read Ups for ESLint Results

Lastly, we’ve brought our Read Up feature to the ESLint Engine. Now, next to issues reported in the ESLint Engine analysis, you will see this button:

Clicking it will reveal a modal displaying more in-depth information about the issue:

Read Ups are a great way to learn more about an issue, how it’s detected, why it’s a problem, and how to resolve it. For customers using our Platform analysis, Read Ups are now available on our Bundler Audit, RuboCop, and ESLint engines, with more on the way!

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