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New in Code Climate Enterprise: Improved User Authorization Options

We’re excited to announced three new features to help you manage authorization to your Code Climate Enterprise instance.

The first of these is Public Organizations. Now, when you’re creating or updating an organization, you have the option to make it public:

Repositories belonging to public organizations will be visible to any user logged into your Code Climate Enterprise instance. This can be a really great way to increase the visiblity of analysis within your team without needing to add each person to your Code Climate Organization.

Secondly, you can now require that users sign up via Github or Github Enterprise OAuth, rather than allowing signups with email and password. This can be a useful way to restrict access to your Code Climate Enterprise instance to only those who have access to the code itself.

Lastly, we added the ability to require that users be administrators in order to create organizations. By default, anyone with access to the instance can create an organization and add repositories. If this setting is enabled, only Enterprise Admins will be able to perform those functions. This feature is especially useful when paired with Public Organizations - team members will be able to view analysis results, but not add any unwanted repositories.

More information about these latter 2 features can be found on our Enterprise documentation site.

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