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Engine Update: Use Airbnb’s .eslintrc configuration for your analysis

We’re delighted to announce that our ESLint Engine now supports Airbnb’s .eslintrc configurations.

Airbnb makes three configurations available as shared and extensible configurations for ESLint analysis:

  • eslint-config-airbnb, which contains all of Airbnb’s ESLint rules, including EcmaScript 6+ and React.
  • eslint-config-airbnb/base, which lints ES6+ but does not lint React.
  • eslint-config-airbnb/legacy, which lints ES5 and below.

To use one of these configurations with our ESLint Engine:

  • copy the file, adding rule overrides as needed, then
  • add `”extends”: “airbnb” to your .eslintrc

As with all Code Climate Engines, ESLint can be run via our hosted analysis, or on the Code Climate CLI.

For more information on adding this – or any – Engine to your analysis, please see our documentation.

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