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GitHub Pull Request Pass/Fail Status now available for Classic Analysis

One of the most effective ways to incorporate Code Climate into your team’s workflow is via our GitHub pull request integration. We analyze each PR, and update its status in GitHub with a summary of what we found and a link back to our complete analysis.

A few months ago we introduced pass/fail PR status for repos using our Engines-based analysis. PRs are failed if they have one or more new quality, security, or style issues:

failed pr

If no new issues are found, the PR passes:

passed pr

We’ve now rolled this feature out for all repos – including those using our Classic analysis. This means that if you were already using our pull request integration with your project, your PRs will now look like those pictured above.

Pass/Fail status is helpful in providing helping you decide at-a-glance if a PR should be merged or not. You can even set it as a required status check to ensure that only PRs meeting your organization’s standards are merged in protected branches.

If you’d like to be able to fine tune which checks can fail your PR, we recommend trying out our engines-based analysis which lets you configure checks on a repo by repo basis.

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