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Python Analysis Now Available on the Code Climate Platform


We’re delighted to announce the addition of Python support to the Code Climate Platform via two new analysis Engines!

Radon provides analysis of cyclomatic complexity:

Radon result

Out of the box, it can be configured to report complexity levels from A-F. This threshold can also be specified in your .codeclimate.yml:

     radon: true
       threshold: "B"

Pep8 provides feedback on Python code style following the rules outlined in the PEP 8 style guide:

pep8 result

To enable, just add the following to your .codeclimate.yml:

       enabled: true

The Code Climate pep8 and Radon engines honor any .py configuration files you may have in your repository.

As with all Code Climate Engines, these can be run via our hosted analysis, or on the Code Climate CLI. to add these Engines to your analysis:

  1. Ensure you’ve enabled our Engines-based Platform.

  2. Add pep8 or radon to your .codeclimate.yml file.

  3. That takes care of your hosted analysis at codeclimate.com. If you’re also using the Code Climate CLI, you can update that as well by running brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate.

Previously, we’d provided Python support exclusively via our Classic analysis with feedback on complexity and duplication. Our pep8 engine introduces our first offering of style analysis for Python – we hope you like it!

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