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Duplication Detection now available for Engines-based Analysis

We’re thrilled to introduce our new duplication engine for the Code Climate platform! While duplication detection has been a key part of our analysis for years, this release open sources our duplication detection code, and makes it available for our engines-based analysis.

Our duplication engine currently supports Ruby, JavaScript (including JSX), PHP, and Python out of the box. We welcome contributions, so if you’d like to see a new language supported, open an issue/PR or tweet @codeclimate!

Duplication Results

To enable the duplication engine for your project, add the following to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

        enabled: true
          - ruby
          - javascript
          - python
          - php
      - "**.rb"
      - "**.py"
      - "**.php"
      - "**.js"
      - "**.jsx"

Most projects don’t have so many languages present within a single repository, so feel free to adjust the above to suit your project’s languages.

If you have the CLI installed, you can enable the engine with the engines:enable CLI command:

    $ brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate
    $ cd ~/my/awesome/app
    $ codeclimate engines:enable duplication

Enable the duplication engine for your project today to keep your code DRY!

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