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RuboCop Engine Updated to RuboCop 0.37.2

We’ve released a new version of our RuboCop engine which upgrades from RuboCop 0.35.1 to 0.37.2. This upgrade includes support for Ruby 2.3 syntax, as well as a variety of new checks and other enhancements.

You can see a complete list of changes in the RuboCop change log. ​ As part of the latest RuboCop release, several checks were removed and renamed which may necessitate tweaks to your rubocop.yml configuration. We’ve updated our default RuboCop configuration for 0.37.2 which you can drop into your project as .rubocop.yml.

We’ve also deployed the previous version of the engine (RuboCop 0.35.1) as rubocop-v35. If you wish to continue using this version, you can activate this in your .codeclimate.yml by changing the rubocop stanza to rubocop-v35.

If you have any questions about the new version of RuboCop or need help with your configuration file, please get in touch with Code Climate support or send us a tweet at @codeclimate.

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