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Get your Reek on

New for the Code Climate Platform: Smell detection with Reek! ​

Code smells aren’t usually bugs and won’t necessarily stop your code from functioning correctly. However, they’re often symptoms of underlying problems that could put your codebase at risk — so they’re definitely worth investigation. Reek examines your classes, modules, and methods and reports any code smells it finds so you can keep an eye on these potentially problematic areas and take action before they become issues. Think about it as a RuboCop for your architecture and code quality.

To enable Reek for your project, add the following to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file: ​

       enabled: true
      - "**.rb"

​ If you have the Code Climate CLI installed, you can enable the engine with the engines:enable command: ​

   $ brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate
   $ cd ~/my/awesome/app
   $ codeclimate engines:enable reek

Add Reek to your analysis today and keep your code fresh!

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