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Code quality: Now more inviting.

Code Climate makes it simple to establish code standards and style guides for your favorite programming languages and frameworks, delivering results from world class static analysis tools directly where you work.

The thing with standards is that they’re much better when they’re well, standard. So we’re happy to present you with three new ways to get your team in sync.

First, we’ve added a way to quickly invite anyone on your team who needs access to your Code Climate results, right from your dashboard.

We’ve also made it easy to onboard new teammates to your organization from your Pull Request and Build pages. When a new author makes a commit to your repo, we’ll display a banner enabling you to quickly invite them then and there, all without leaving the page!

Email not your thing? No worries. You can now generate a reusable invitation link for your Organization from the People tab. Just copy the link , drop in your team’s Slack or wherever you chat, and everyone can click to join.

We hope these changes help you take your code to the next level, so you can take over the world!

P.S. When you take over the world, please remember us fondly.

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