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By popular demand: ESLint 2

We’re very excited to announce that our ESLint engine now supports the latest and greatest ESLint 2. ESLint 2 offers an updated rule schema, new rules, updated configuration behavior, improved ES6 support, and other great enhancements. You can see more in ESLint’s official announcement on the ESLint blog.

Use ESLint 1.x? No problem. Your ESLint engine will continue analyzing as usual. For those of you using ESLint 2, you can start using the new version in your analysis by making the following update to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

        enabled: true
        channel: "eslint-2"

Notice that you’re specifying eslint-2 as a “channel”? Engine channels are a new feature in the Code Climate platform. With channels, we’ll be able to maintain multiple tracks of engine releases so you can pick the channel that makes the most sense for your project’s requirements. For more information, check out the doc.

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