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Now in beta: Code Climate REST API 📡

We are pleased to announce the beta release of a new Code Climate REST API. For the first time, this means that you can easily access robust static analysis and test coverage information that Code Climate produces.

The API lives at https://api.codeclimate.com and here’s an example of one endpoint:

GET /repos/:repo_id/:snapshots/:snapshot_id/issues

issues response

Although not previously public, this is the same API that powers the Code Climate browser extension for GitHub. We are shifting to an API-first development process which should result in significant expansion and improvement to the API on an ongoing basis.

We are excited for you to give it a try. To get started, visit the new token settings page of your Code Climate profile and create a new personal access token:

The API is currently in beta and we welcome your feedback. To learn more about the endpoints and resources available, check out our API documentation.

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