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New: Approve your failed pull requests!

We’re excited to share some new functionality that our team has been using for a little while. Now, there’s a straightforward means for merging any “failed” pull requests that your team agrees are acceptable.

Our pull request integration provides a pass/fail commit status for quality, security, or style issues. This is great for helping you decide at-a-glance if the code should be merged or not. It’s especially useful when set as a required check, to ensure that only code meeting your team’s standards is merged into protected branches.

However, there are situations in which you may not want to address the new issue right away – particularly if the remedy for the issue is beyond the scope of the pull request. For example, refactoring a class that exceeds a code line threshold due to changes introduced in a pull request.

To approve a failing pull request, view the PR on Code Climate and click the “Approve” button next to the status:

We’ve been using this feature for a while now, and really appreciate the added flexibility in our workflow. We hope you will too!

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