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Engine Update: ESLint 3 promoted to stable 🚂

We are pleased to announce that the stable channel of our ESLint engine now tracks ESLint 3! ESLint 3 was previously available on its own eslint-3 channel, and we are excited to promote it to the default ESLint version available on Code Climate.

ESLint brings a slew of new checks, as well as code path analysis to help you keep your JavaScript the best it can be.

To enable ESLint for your project, enable it in your .codeclimate.yml.

        enabled: true

Historically, we have auto-generated an .eslintrc file if it was not present in the repository, even if other ESLint configuration was present. With this push, we will now generate a file only if there is no other top-level ESLint configuration.

Lastly, this update will automatically upgrade your configuration if you were using an older version of ESLint. To see what changes we made, expand the output on your repo’s build page:


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