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So fresh, so clean: Introducing our new design 🛁

We’re excited to announce that our new UI is leaving beta and rolling out to all Code Climate users!

Our new design emphasizes clarity and readability while bringing you several new features:

  • A new progress report, that gives you a convenient overview of major changes in your repo from the last 7 days,
  • An expansion of how we rate the severity of issues, making it easier to assess the importance of found issues, and
  • New issue statuses that let you mark issues as confirmed, wontfix, or invalid, and complements the functionality of our Pull Request Approval feature. Now, if an issue is marked with a status other than ‘Confirmed’, it won’t fail a pull request!

These updates form the foundation for future changes to improve your workflow and give you more insight into your code’s quality.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback so far and helped shape our new look. If you have thoughts, we’d love to hear them: Please drop us a line at https://codeclimate.com/help.

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