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Limit permissions for pull request approvals and issue status setting 🙋🏽

Previously, any member of your Code Climate organization could set an issue’s status (to “invalid” for example), and anyone could “approve” a pull request. These are powerful tools, either of which can easily turn a pull request status from red to green, and thereby allow engineers to merge potentially problematic code. While granting these powers to everyone is probably fine for smaller teams, larger teams asked us to provide a way to limit these abilities to a subset of members.

We listened, and recently rolled out 2 new organization level settings: one to restrict pull request approvals and one to restrict editing an issue’s status. The default for these permissions is “Anyone who can view the repo”. To change it to “Owners only”, navigate to your organization’s settings, click the “Teams” tab, and navigate to “Permissions” at the bottom of the page.

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