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New test coverage statuses for your pull requests

We’re excited to introduce two new pull request statuses to help you meet your goals for test coverage:

  • Diff Coverage, enforces a minimum percentage of test coverage on new and changed lines of code, to help you make sure that every commit improves your overall coverage.
  • Total Coverage, helps you maintain your current level of coverage. If merging the PR will reduce your total coverage, this status line will fail.
  • These statuses will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. If you’re already using our test coverage integration you’ll automatically get these pass/fail statuses on your pull requests, with diff coverage threshold set at a default of 80%.

    If you’re currently using our older codeclimate/coverage as a required status on your pull requests, we recommend first removing it via your GitHub Repo Settings before enabling either of the new statuses. The codeclimate/coverage status is deprecated, and will no longer update correctly within your pull request.

    Head to our docs to learn more about configuring these new statuses, and setting up test coverage.

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