Learn how Velocity has helped teams boost engineering productivity.

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“We were able to actually get a point where everyone is doing atomic commits more often and more frequently, reviews are better, and the process is just easier for all of us.” Chelsea Worrell, Software Engineer
  • 69% decrease in Cycle Time
  • 38% increase in Pull Requests Merged
  • 10% decrease in Review Cycles
Real-World Testimonials

Why engineering teams 💜 Velocity

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“Velocity has allowed us to definitively track our team progress, accelerate code reviews, and, ultimately, ship value to our customers significantly faster.”
Jacob Boudreau
CTO, Stord

Springbuk saw a 64% increase in Pull Requests Merged.

“Velocity helped us discover good practices around which we now coach every Springbuk engineer.”
Roger Deetz
VP of Engineering, Springbuk
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Kickstarter advocated solving technical debt.

"When I could advocate for invisible work, we could align the objectives of the business and the engineering team."
Mark Wunsch
VP of Engineering, Kickstarter
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Resultados Digitais saw a 26% increase in pull requests merged.

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Velocity benefits every member of your team.

  • Managers Animated Illustration


    See patterns or anti–patterns in efficiency, and make changes that lead to long–term productivity gains.

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  • Engineers Animated Illustration


    Align with managers on success metrics, advocate for yourself and discover new opportunities for professional growth.

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  • Executives Animated Illustration


    Look at objective data to understand the progress and constraints of the engineering department.

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  • Product Leaders Animated Illustration

    Product Leaders

    Metrics serve as a common language to improve communication and risk identification.

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