Actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

Velocity turns data from commits and pull requests into the insights you need to make lasting improvements to your team’s productivity.

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Engineering Intelligence
shines a light on your software
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Software engineering is a discipline with largely invisible parts. To get the full picture of how your team is working and where they need help, you need to disrupt engineers, scan source control systems, and pore over ticket comments.

An Engineering Intelligence platform allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose where work gets stuck, who needs help, and where the greatest opportunities lie for continuous improvement.

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Velocity provides commit-to-deploy visibility.

A flow diagram in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow of pull request by state

Bottlenecks hidden throughout your process slow delivery and demoralize engineers.

Find your biggest slowdowns by pinpointing exactly where pull requests get stuck on the journey from open to deploy.

Chart displaying pushes count over time with an upward trend line

Frequent status updates compromise autonomy.

Distinguish productive work patterns to know when to help and when to avoid interrupting engineers.

Chart displaying pull requests cycle time over time with a downward trend line

Intuition is unreliable at scale.

Have the data to support important decisions. Objective metrics in context give you the foresight to ensure your changes truly improve how your team works.

Timeline view that displays the different activities a contributor has made

Engineering problems are difficult to describe.

Use data as a common language for communicating engineering successes and challenges across your organization.


Velocity benefits every member of your team.

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    See patterns or anti–patterns in efficiency, and make changes that lead to long–term productivity gains.

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  • Engineers Animated Illustration


    Align with managers on success metrics, advocate for yourself and discover new opportunities for professional growth.

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  • Executives Animated Illustration


    Look at objective data to understand the progress and constraints of the engineering department.

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  • Product Leaders Animated Illustration

    Product Leaders

    Metrics serve as a common language to improve communication and risk identification.

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