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New: Test Coverage Alongside Your Quality Metrics

Today we rolled out the ability to track test coverage metrics to your Code Climate repos. We have long relied on test coverage reporting during development, and now we are proud to say that we have integrated the two views of your code in a seamless, natural way.

Test Coverage View

Just like with code quality, we surface test coverage information at the repository, class, and source listing level (down to an individual line of code) and provide feedback as metrics change over time in the form of email alerts, activity feeds, chat notifications and RSS.

Here’s a couple examples of Test Coverage in action …

… in chat notifications:

Chat Notifications

… and in your weekly summary email:

Weekly Summary

How it works

Code Climate does not run your code, but we have provided an easy way to get your coverage metrics to us: our codeclimate-test-reporter Gem. Integrating this Gem into your existing test suite is straightforward and you will see the results right away. This means our test coverage feature works anywhere you run your tests.

See our blog post for all of the details or head straight to the Test Coverage tab in your repo settings to set it up.

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