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Test Coverage for JavaScript projects

Code Climate now supports test coverage for JavaScript projects. While the setup for JavaScript projects is different, the end result is the same: Code Climate displays coverage statistics on a file and project basis and can overlay line by line coverage information over your existing quality information.

As with Ruby projects, source code listings have two highlighting modes controlled by the toggle at the top of the listing: the first where quality data is shown as the primary color:

Source Listing with Coverage

… and the second where coverage data is the primary color:

Source Listing with Quality

To report test coverage data to Code Climate, install Code Climate’s NPM package and pipe your test coverage data to the provided script (ensuring you set your per-repository repo token):

$ CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN=427acacbc7af8c736b1870edf664822b5737f794a730eda5d646926576e26e15 your-script | codeclimate

Full instructions, including your repository’s token can be found by clicking on your repo’s settings and then navigating to the Test Coverage section.

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