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GPA Stats for Branch Comparisons

Before merging, we’ll tell you if a branch is going to help or hurt your overall code quality. To make this process even easier for you, we’ve recently added some helpful GPA stats to the top of our branch comparison page. You can now see if merging a branch will affect your project’s GPA, and – if so – by how much.


To be fair, it’s actually more accurate to say that we’ve recently re-added these GPA stats to the page! They disappeared awhile back after we redesigned our comparison page. While the overall feedback we got on our redesign was positive, one thing we heard loud and clear was that the GPA needed to be resurrected, and now it is.

For large- or even medium-sized repositories, we don’t expect a GPA to change much (or at all) for any branch, and that’s the primarily the reason that we removed the GPA stats to begin with. For smaller repositories though, or for branches that introduce a lot of change at once, GPAs do sometimes change for a single branch. To account for all situations, and to give you all of the info that you need to merge with confidence, the GPA stats are now back!

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