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New Analysis Engine: codeclimate-fixme

We just released a new official Code Climate analysis Engine! codeclimate-fixme finds and alerts you to comments in your code that match any of the following: TODO, FIXME, HACK, or BUG. Instances of these strings are problems waiting to happen – now you can be alerted when they get checked in to your codebase!

You can run this new Engine via our hosted analysis:


Or you can run it via the Code Climate CLI:


To get started with codeclimate-fixme:

  1. Ensure you’ve enabled our new Engines-based Platform. If you haven’t, here’s how to do so.
  2. Add fixme to your .codeclimate.yml file.
  3. If you’re running this Engine via our hosted analysis at codeclimate.com, that’s all you need to do! However, if you’re using the Code Climate CLI, you’ll also need to update your CLI to know about this new engine. To do so, run brew update && brew upgrade codeclimate.

We’ve also written a guide on how to write Code Climate engines from scratch that features the FIXME engine. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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